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Wonderella Printed carries on the long tradition of pamphleteering, making little-known knowledge available to those who seek it out. To learn more about a particular pamphlet series, click the associated cover image below.

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Fiddler’s Green
Peculiar Parish Magazine

Art & magic for tea-drinking anarchists, convivial conjurors, and closeted optimists. Featuring essays, reviews, and letters from far-flung friends. Edited by Clint Marsh.

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Tomb of Illumination - Click for larger image.

Tomb of Illumination
From the mind behind The Museum of Lost Wonder comes the history of a secret society that changed the world, and quite possibly the world’s most esoteric paper model. Written and illustrated by Jeff Hoke.

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The Pamphleteer
The curious can peep into the workshop window at Wonderella and learn about what’s happening in the world of human-scale publishing in this series, which ran from 2009 to 2012. Edited by Clint Marsh.

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The Camelopard Series
In this series, aspiring mentalists learn the secrets of the aetheric plane, a parallel world where fantasy becomes reality. Written by Clint Marsh and illustrated by Jeff Hoke.

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The Little Wonder Series
Some of Wonderella’s most beloved articles become beautiful stand-alone publications in the Little Wonder Series. Series edited by Reginald Bakeley.

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The Portable Head
A quarterly fortnight-at-a-glance calendar, The Portable Head brings light to your days and rest to your nights. Edited by Clint Marsh.

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Snow-Bound, A Winter Idyl
Travel to 19th-century New England as you read John Greenleaf Whittier’s classic winter poem, now available in a beautiful edition from Wonderella Printed.

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