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Aside from books and pamphlets, Wonderella also offers marvelous modern ephemera. Discover more about each of these items by clicking on the appropriate image below.

Wonderella Turns 21
In honor of 21 years of practical esoterica, Wonderella Printed presents a commemorative poster by R. Black.

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Aetheric Beings Prints
Watch a Secret Master, Four Elementals, and the Dweller on the Threshold materialize on your wall with these art prints from The Mentalist’s Handbook.

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Wandering Wizards Welcome (By Appointment)
Keep pesky wizards in check with this pack of confusticating worksheets disguised as tea-time invitations. Includes blanks for the wizard’s aliases, expected party, and proposed topics for discussion.

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Museum of Lost Wonder Posters
Hang a bit of the Museum of Lost Wonder on your wall! The posters in this gorgeous series provide you with a closer look at the Museum’s fascinating exhibit halls.

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Museum of Lost Wonder Model Kits
The same cut-out models found in Jeff Hoke’s book, The Museum of Lost Wonder, are now available as full-color model kits. Build your own version of a museum or Tibetan temple. Why stop there — build your own universe!

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