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Press Mentions

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This page serves as an archive of links to feature-length articles and interviews regarding Wonderella and its many artists.

The Mentalist’s Handbook
Occult Sentinel Podcast 18
by Joseph Moore
Clint Marsh talks with Joseph Moore about the writing of The Mentalist’s Handbook, his earliest experiences with the unseen world, and how art and humor are crucial to understanding mentalism and the aether.

The Museum of Lost Wonder
Graphic Novels Come of Age
by Walter Rice
Monterey County Weekly
Jeff Hoke’s The Museum of Lost Wonder exemplifies the new breed of graphic storytelling.

Science of Design
by Mason Inman
Monterey County Herald
A tour through Jeff Hoke’s latest creations for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Museum of Lost Wonder.

Adventures in Wonder-Land
by Silke Tudor
San Francisco Weekly
An exploration of the interior world of Jeff Hoke and his creation, the Museum of Lost Wonder.

Ogner Stump’s One Thousand Sorrows
Interview with Andrew Goldfarb
by Dana Tillusz
Andrew Goldfarb ruminates on the process of creating Ogner Stump’s many sorrows.

Another Interview with Andrew Goldfarb
by Claudio Parentela
A chat about the artistic influences behind Ogner Stump’s One Thousand Sorrows. This interview is also available in flawlessly translated English.

Silke in Overland
by Silke Tudor
San Francisco Weekly
An account of the Tilden Overland, the 1999 Easter Sunday trounce of the Berkeley chapter of the Overland Mallet Club.

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