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This page is something of an adjunct to the regular Wonderella Recommends page, made up of synopses of recent acquisitions from our favorite publishers. We heartily encourage you to seek out the pamphlets shown here, as they are guaranteed to bring additional light to your summer and cheer to your heart.

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Binocular Rebellious No.1 - Click to view larger image.

Binocular Rebellious No.1: Sean Goblin returns to form in this marvelous new series. Sean is a bit of a land-based culture sponge, and his self-imposed exile from the land of punk five years ago saw him wend his way through several strange kingdoms of art and philosophy, sopping up the best ideas and expunging the dross. The first issue of Binocular Rebellious tells this tale and outlines Sean’s fantasy-fueled dream of the free-thinking, cider-soaked utopia that lurks beneath the cynical crust coating the soul of each and every one of us.

The only thing square about Binocular Rebellious is its shape of 5.5 x 5.5 inches. Single issues are $2.00 for U.S. residents. Foreign readers add a buck.

Binocular Rebellious
P.O. Box 12044
Eugene, Oreg. 97440

More of Sean Goblin’s art and ideas can be found at the Goblinko website.

Ptolemaic Terrascope No.33: The Ptolemaic Terrascope is Britain’s best resource for exciting, mind-altering music. This new issue features a bright orange-on-silver cover by Timothy Renner that must be seen in person to be believed. Inside are interviews with the Magic Band’s Rockette Morton, Lol Coxhill, and Texas rockers The Golden Dawn, among others. Faren Miller recalls a series of Quicksilver Messenger Service shows from 1966, and Windy Weber (of Windy and Carl) recounts the happenings at last year's Terrastock festival, held in Boston. Includes an unmissable CD full of great pop, psych, and jazz.

Ordering information for The Ptolemaic Terrascope can be found on the Wonderella Recommends page.

The Cunningham Amendment Vol.5, No.3: This Yorkshire pamphlet series can't be beat for its iconoclastic outlook and wonderful production. The Anarcrisps take to task authority, the educational system, the self-defeating worship of speed and efficiency, social security, and all number of other systems that rob us of our humanity and increase our dependence on the government.

Interested parties may read excerpts from the two most recent issues of this profound series:
Volume 5, Number 2 and Volume 5, Number 3.

Ordering information for The Cunningham Amendment can be found on the Wonderella Recommends page.

The Free Press Death Ship No.3: Violet Jones returns with another volley of cannon fire aimed straight at the heart of the corporate media. The Death Ship's letters and articles trumpet the end of intellectual freedom, yet the reviews of hundreds of independent publications prove that the voice of the free press is far from squelched.

This issue of the Death Ship includes an article on the history of the ISBN, a profile of B. Traven (author of the novel from which Jones’ magazine takes its name), and the second half of an enlightening interview with Fred Woodworth, publisher of The Match.

Ordering information for The Free Press Death Ship can be found on the Wonderella Recommends page.

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