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A Gnoming
Photo Album


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Wonderella pamphlets can have the oddest and most marvelous effects on their readers. In anticipation of Halloween, “On Gnoming” readers Karima Cammell and Duncan Brown submitted photographs of themselves dressed as gnome hunters, with their dear daughter Raphaella playing the part of the hapless quarry.

Inevitably, the photographs made their way to “On Gnoming” author (and professional fairy hunter) Reginald Bakeley. What follows is an album of the photographs and a transcript of Bakeley’s discussion of them with Wonderella publisher Clint Marsh.

Click the gnome hunter icon to see the photo album and read the commentary, or continue reading below to learn about other collaborations between Reginald Bakeley and Wonderella Printed.

On with the show.

About Reginald Bakeley
Best known for his long-standing editorship of British magazine Phooka—the Journal of the Overland Mallet Club—Reginald Bakeley embodies that publication’s three-fold mission of espousing spirited croquet, sampling the best in malt whiskys, and reporting on the unending battle between modern man and the denizens of the fairy kingdom who would be our undoing.

In 1998, Wonderella was fortunate enough to spend Phooka’s 107th year working with Bakeley and his associates. The resulting collaboration produced four issues and coincided with the inaugural year of the Berkeley chapter of the Overland Mallet Club.

Following issue No.428, Bakeley took the Phooka reins in his capable hands, steering the woolly beast back to Wales, where he continues to this day to publish Phooka for the British members of the Overland Mallet Club.

Bakeley occasionally collaborates with Wonderella on pamphlet projects. The most famous of these are the Little Wonder Series of “On Gnoming,” “Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop,” and “Lewis Carroll’s Croquet Companion.”

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