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Mystical England

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In late March 2004, Wonderella artists Clint Marsh and Jeff Hoke traveled to England for a week among the ancient mystical sites of Cornwall and the West Country. Photos from their trip, along with commentary from Clint, are now available to Wonderella’s readers.

Navigating the Photo Album
Follow the links below to browse the entries in the photo album. You can navigate forward and back in the album by clicking the leaf icons on each page.

Mystical England Photos 1–10:
(Cornwall to Devon)
Begin the tour
Mystical England Photos 11–20:
(Devon to Glastonbury)
Begin the tour
Mystical England Photos 21–30:
(Avebury and Wiltshire)
Begin the tour
Mystical England Photos 31–39:
(Stonehenge and London)
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If these images whet your appetite for more information about these amazing sites, be sure to peruse our Mystical England Reads page for reviews of books and pamphlets associated with the stones and their history.

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