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Many Bodies,
One Self


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Depending on its vibrational frequency, your internal aether composes one of a number of sublime bodies that exists in tandem with your material self. Most of the time your internal aether is vibrating at a rate within the material range, albeit on the aetheric plane. Because the aetheric plane exists our material and aetheric selves can exist simultaneously.

Look back at the chart that was presented to you on page 11 of the pamphlet, “Aetheric Beings,” titled “The Other Worlds and Their Aetheric Vibrations, a Vibrational Map of the Aetheric Plane.” As you meditate and raise or lower your internal aether to other worlds within the aether, your consciousness changes from its normal material-aetheric form to one more suited to the new world it inhabits.

If you’ve been practicing the Aetheric Dozen, then you may have already made an astonishing realization: Each time you have raised your mind’s frequency to the astral world, your personal aether has done likewise and formed an astral body. While you practice the exercises the astral body inhabits the same space as your physical body. In this pamphlet you will learn techniques for moving your astral body to other places while your physical body remains still.

The Elemental Body: The aetheric form known as the elemental body is the most dynamic of all the sublime bodies, due to the variegated nature of the elemental vibrational frequency. Depending on where in the elemental world your travels take you, your elemental body will become fiery, earthy, watery, airy, or a combination of the four. In some instances the elemental body can exist in the material world. Techniques for creating and using your elemental body will be discussed in a pamphlet later in this series.

The Material-Aetheric Body: This body is known as the “material-aetheric” body instead of just the “material body” to help you keep from confusing it from the physical body you use every day in the material world. Your consciousness is in its material-aetheric form when you go about your mundane day-to-day affairs, not practicing mentalism or altering your mind's vibration through meditation or other means. You use your material-aetheric body when you daydream, putting yourself in places or situations that are totally imaginary.

The Astral Body: Most of the feats and techniques you will learn as a mentalist will use the astral body. The astral body is an ideal vehicle for mentalism and aether manipulation for a number of reasons. Firstly, the heightened awareness achieved through astral-vibration meditation focuses the mentalist sufficiently for aetheric work. Secondly, the astral world is a remarkably pliable place, so aspirants will find it a welcoming venue for their experiments. Thirdly, the variety of beings and energies existing in the astral world provide the diversity essential to progress as a mentalist. There are other, lesser reasons illustrating why the astral world is ideal for mentalism, and as you perform your own studies there you will no doubt come up with a list of your own. “A Separate Self,” the fourth essay in this pamphlet, gives a considerable amount of information about the astral body.

The Elysian Body: The elysian body is the aetheric form your consciousness takes on once its vibration is raised past the upper limits of the astral world and the Lethean field separating the astral and elysian frequencies. At this point in your studies Elysium is nothing but the remotest of destinations reachable in your aetheric travels, so for now we will not dwell on the functions of this sublime body.

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